In March we teamed up with Gigwax to select TWO talented DJs to perform on Perry’s Stage during our 25th Anniversary Festival. Congratulations to our winners, Curt Reynolds and Smiirk! Catch them Friday and Saturday (respectively) on the Perry’s stage at 12pm.

Curt Reynolds

Cur plays Friday 7/29 at 12pm on Perry's
Curt plays Friday 7/29 at 12pm on Perry’s

Curt Reynolds was raised on the sun-drenched beaches of San Diego and has been making an impact on the busy scene in LA over the last year. Presenting funky, deep, and disco vibes with a splash of pineapple juice and Vitamin D, you can find him smiling behind the decks and keeping people on their feet either poolside or late under the night shade. He adapts to his environment like a tequila-induced jungle chameleon but always keeps his sound organic and true to himself.


Smiirk plays Saturday 7/30 at 12pm on Perry's.
Smiirk plays Saturday 7/30 at 12pm on Perry’s

A rising talent in the EDM scene at the tender age of 17, SMIIRK is a force that will be present for many years ahead. At age 11 SMIIRK went to Lollapalooza, his first concert, where he saw deadmau5 perform. It was there he found his calling. SMIIRK got to work on his mixing skills and curated them over the next 4 years. At age 15, SMIIRK won the “Toast of the Coast” contest being the youngest to play North Coast Music Festival. When he isn’t performing, SMIIRK is busy producing music. His newest original “BLISS” has had over 12,000 plays on Soundcloud and is constantly getting larger everyday.SMIIRK cannot wait for the world to see his Love and Passion for music…