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VHS Collection is a synth rock band from NYC formed in 2014 by three friends (Conor Cook, James Bohannon, and Nils Vanderlip) who have been making music together since childhood.  The band has gained a reputation for high energy live shows as well as its synth-heavy, danceable rock tunes, influenced by a wide range of bands including Talking Heads, LCD Soundsystem, and Phoenix.

"Lean," the lead single off of VHS Collection's debut EP hit #8 on the Spotify Viral Charts in January. The track feels simultaneously like a mission statement and retrospective for the band. Over swirling synth arpeggios and guitar hooks, the track reminisces about the importance of friends and the fleetingness of youth. "We wanted to write an anthem about childhood in the city and how much you rely on your friends as your coming up in the world. Your family is there for you, but it's your friends who are really forced to wade through the shit with you on a daily basis. The song contains endless references to our own youth: friends' band names, places we used to hang out growing up, childhood characters of New York City, all strewn together in a celebratory chant which we call 'the Renaissance of these days'."

The band has been recording non-stop over the past few months and looks forward to releasing more tracks and rocking out at some major festivals in 2016.