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Towkio is an integral and quickly rising member of Chicago's rambunctious and diverse SaveMoney collective. Easily recognized as the most outlandish one of an already eclectic group, which counts genre-bending acts like Chance the Rapper and Vic Mensa amongst its ranks, Towkio creates music that is at once sonically pleasing and foot-movingly up-tempo. His signature style is found within his music's production: eclectic, unconventional and characterized by a hallucinatory, genre-blending sound that sits at the intersection of dance and hip-hop. By rapping over emotion-provoking production and layering his unique vocals on top of it all, Towkio's sound is a progressive one that plays off the collective's mission by creating yet another fresh take on rap within Chicago's recent hip-hop renaissance. A veteran of the local music scene, Towkio has incubated his aesthetic in Chicago for some time and recently sold out Lincoln Hall with a live show that packs energy and bars into a fully-fledged performance that leaves fans new and old wanting more. The 21-year-old released his full-length tape, .Wav Theory, in April of 2015.