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SNAILS is a Montreal-based producer and DJ who pushes a forward-thinking brand of dance music combining trap rhythms, dirty bass lines and off-kilter sound design. His first tracks appeared online in 2012 on Kannibalen Records. Since then he has amassed a burgeoning fanbase of snail-heads and bass-lovers by blending hypnotic melodies, huge drops and mind-bending sample manipulation into a tight, dance-floor friendly package dubbed "Vomitstep". After gaining widespread notoriety in 2014 with tracks like "Wild" and "Pump This", Snails firmly claimed his spot as one of the luminaries of bass music in 2015. The year has seen the acclaimed producer collaborate with Jack U on "Holla Out", release monster singles like "King Is Back", sell out venues across North America and pack stages at massive festivals. With a slew of releases in the works and an ever-expanding touring schedule, Snails looks set to make 2016 the year where no one can escape the Vomitstep.