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Transforming viral solo success into a group of her own, singer-songwriter Cailin Russo has the inventive sounds of her native California pulsing through her veins, whether literally (thanks to father Scott, the lead singer of the 90s landmark act 'Unwritten Law'), or figuratively, culled from her youth in San Diego or current stomping grounds around the hip Los Angeles enclave of Echo Park."I started my musical career testing the waters," says Cailin of the path to her current, vibrantly creative moment. "I was experimenting a lot and wrote a song that was a little more aggressive. It just kind of just poured out of me."

Taking sonic inspiration from artists ranging from No Doubt to the Yeah Yeah Yeahs, RUSSO is also quickly setting themselves apart thanks to a penchant for being unapologetically themselves. It's a quality that shines on their debut EP House With a Pool which includes the brash, Karen O-esque stand-out single "Lonely," the guitar driven, grab-you-by-the-ear "Ghost," and a rocky dance floor anthem for the ages in "Loudmouth."

RUSSO's signature sound is thanks to the band's diverse roster of talented music makers, all equally as experimental as Cailin who respectively offer a different piece of the act's unique musical puzzle.

Now, all that's left to fall into place is RUSSO's seemingly inevitable, and continuing, rise. "It's so easy to do what everyone else is doing because you know it's safe," Cailin muses. "This is different but it felt like a challenge for us, and also something that could be really fun and iconic. Music right now is so intangible. This is something that hopefully more people would want to stop and pause and think about."