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Roy Blair is a 22 year old artist from South Pasadena, California who now resides in Echo Park. He released his first ep, Sunsets, in 2015 from his bedroom at his moms house. After released, it garnered attention from numerous artists including Kevin Abstract and rest of Brockhampton. Soon after, Roy started to work with Kevin on his acclaimed second album, American Boyfriend, which came out near the end of 2016. The album was a breath of fresh air, bringing a sense of the alternative and grudge inspired guitar tones from the 90's, but blended with today's modern approach to songwriting and rap. Roy's most noteworthy credit was the chorus on "Runner". Roy then joined Kevin on his 2017 Death of a Supermodel Tour as his backup vocalist. After the tour, Roy decided to focus solely on his first debut project, Cat Heaven.

The album came out in December of 2017 and immediately gained a cult status among music listeners, who praised the album for furthering the sonic approach and style of American Boyfriend, but with a different attitude and voice. Pigeons and Planes called the album "..gorgeous and of the most fleshed-out debut efforts of the year". Having never worked with guitar before but wanting to make an alternative album, he taught himself how and dug heavy into the music and aesthetics of the era he was pulling from. He describes Cat Heaven as "if Kevin Shields of My Bloody Valentine and Mase made an album together". The album's cult status blossomed into a bigger following during 2018 when Roy released the music video for the song "Happy", as well as selling out multiple headlining shows.

Roy describes himself as a method actor making albums instead of movies, and gets lost in the worlds he builds with every album. And its not all for nothing; his fans connect with the story and are just as invested as he is. Selling out shows and every merch drop, they've tuned in because he is the voice for a generation that is unashamedly honest. Like a Kanye West or Bjork, Roy follows in the footsteps of the greats of our time, sonically changing and evolving on every record. He will undeniably go down as one of the heavy hitters of the millennial generation.