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Fri 8/02

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After dropping out of college only 2 weeks in, Omar Apollo, a 21-year old, first generation Mexican-American singer from Indiana, began writing & recording his own mix of jazz, R&B, funk, alternative, soul, & pop music. His parents moved to the US to give their kids a better life and the opportunity to go to college; however, Omar always knew this route wasn't meant for him. He began playing guitar at 12 years old, but quit soon after because he got bored of only playing in church. At age 18, Omar began listening to new styles of music and fell in love with the guitar again. His biggest influences are Benny Sings, D'angelo, Los Panchos, John Mayer, Elliott Smith, Cuco Sánchez, Paul Simon, Gary Numan, and João Gilberto. Omar released his debut EP, STEREO, this past summer and followed it up recently with a single called Today featuring producer/ songwriter Teo Halm. Omar's new single "Trouble" is releasing January 30th as the first single for his 2nd EP, which will be releasing in the spring.