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Karen Marie Arsted, AKA MØ grew up on Funen, one of Denmark's largest islands, and wrote her first song when she was seven years old. A pop obsessive as a child, Arsted became involved with politics, punk and the anti-fascism movement in her teens, leading her to form the "noisy, trashy electro-pop punk band" Mor at 18. But already she was restless and writing new songs on her own, trying out a variety of sounds and styles on her laptop in her bedroom that, in 2009, necessitated her transformation into MØ. In 2014, she released her debut album No Mythologies To Follow - a unique blend of bedroom beats, soul-punk-electro-R&B and pop harmonies - to rave reviews. In the 18 months since the album's release, MØ has played sold out tours and won over festival crowds worldwide.

MØ's stunning new single Kamikaze sees her teaming up with Diplo once more, for the latest song in an expanding series that includes XXX 88 feat. Diplo, and the worldwide smash Major Lazer track Lean On, one of the biggest songs of 2015 with a staggering one billion streams having been racked up so far.

"I love working with Diplo," says Karen Marie Arsted. "It's always such a fun and open-minded creative process. It's about making memorable songs but, more than that, it's about making pop music that wants to push boundaries. I've been loving all kinds of pop since I first fell in love with the Spice Girls, but pop needs to bring something new to the table, it needs balls. And that's what you get working with Diplo. Making Lean On and being a part of that tornado these past eight months has been one of the greatest experiences in my life so far, and I'm super happy that Kamikaze is made in a collaboration with the same group of my friends."