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Sun 8/04

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Since making their breakthrough with the 2015 hit "It's Strange" ft. K.Flay, Louis the

Child have constantly shifted genres, exploring everything from hip-hop to psychedelia

with equal parts passion and precision. One of the most relentlessly inventive acts in the

electronic-pop world today, the Chicago-bred duo (21-year-old Robby Hauldren and 20-

year-old Freddy Kennett) aspires to only continue expanding their sound as their

worldwide following grows.

"Our vision is always changing," says Hauldren. "We're always getting inspired by

different things, or making some move in a new direction that we hadn't considered

before. The only consistent thing is the art in making the songs, and creating music

because we just genuinely love and enjoy it."

In finishing up their full-length debut, Louis the Child are intent on instilling that sense of

spontaneity into each new track they create. "We're trying to make music where every

single thing we release surprises people and is new and fresh in its own way," says

Kennett. "Whenever we're able to capture that feeling of surprise, that's when I feel

really strongly about a song." And as Hauldren points out, that approach amply fulfills

Louis the Child's two main missions as artists and musicians. "We just want to make

music that makes people feel good, and have a good time doing it," he says.