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Fri 8/02

American Eagle


HONNE's hugely-accomplished second album, 'Love Me / Love Me Not' (Atlantic Records), captures the duality of life's ups and downs, with half the tracks exploring life's positives - love, nostalgia

and contentment (Love Me) and the other half life's great difficulties - heartbreak, anxiety and grief (Love Me Not). The album draws heavily upon the balancing act of navigating

between two states at once: whether it's the honeymoon period high of a relationship, the frustration of a long-distance separation or the fear of losing someone close, HONNE's lyrics dial in at the reality of most people's lives. Appropriately, the band have already built themselves a truly global audience, with over half a billion streams, sold-out tours, and several surprises along the way (see a triple-platinum album in South Korea). Theirs is a truly modern success story which is pushed further still in the split rollout of second album 'Love Me / Love Me Not' - a record which acknowledges that for every peak, a challenge is round the corner, and equally that whenever life overwhelms you, better times are ahead.