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Sun 8/04

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Dean Lewis was on a plane when he heard a phrase that struck him like a bolt of lightning. "An in-flight-radio DJ said, 'I wish that was a place we'd known about'," recalls the Sydney singer-songwriter. "I went to my notes and wrote 'A Place We Knew' and was like, that's the album title. That ties everything together."

Lewis's March 22 release, A Place We Knew, is highly anticipated as it includes his smash hit single "Be Alright". He perfectly captures gut-wrenching heartbreak that comes with the hardships of a break-up. Bittersweet memories of past romance is the thread that runs through the 12-track debut LP, "All the songs were written through relationships I'd been in and houses I used to live in and hotel rooms," says Lewis. Now with over a billion streams of his music globally and being named Billboard's "Chart-Breaker" in October 2018, Dean has topped local and international charts with "Be Alright" and his new single "7 Minutes".