2016 Art Market

Green Street


Art Market is your one-stop shop for local, national and world-recognized artisans to sell their goods to all Lollapalooza fans.

Whether you need new garb, an upcycled accessory, or to enhance your art collection — you’ll find it in Art Market. If you forgot some basic festival essentials, visit the Festival Bodegas located on Columbus at the Balbo and Jackson intersections for your last minute needs and snacks.

See below for a list of the 2016 vendors. Stay tuned for 2017 information!

Have questions? Write vending@lollapalooza.com.

Black Black Moon

Black Black Moon jewelry is handmade in the Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina by a small handful of passionate artists who are pioneers of festival style. A “Black Moon” is when two new moons occur in one month. This is a mysterious time for renewal, potential energy and beginnings. The Black Black Moon line is created from vintage remnants which are harvested from shuttered manufacturing mills and rough crystals that are sourced straight from the caves of the surrounding mountain range. These transformed materials become talismans and wearable artifacts for the dreamer, the romantic and the goddess.

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Chuck U Art

Chuck U is a visual artist from Minneapolis, Minnesota. His prints are fantastical creatures in fantastical situations.

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Festy Besty

The inspiration behind Festy Besty is that music and fashion influence each other. People at music festivals are inherently artistic, stylish, and open minded which is why they find themselves at such amazing events. The same thing that inspires one to check out a new genre of music or artist is the same thought process that leads them to being trendy with how they dress. Our mission is to be your one-stop shop for finding high-quality unique pieces that will have you looking trendy at festivals and in everyday life. So let us be your BESTY for all your FESTY needs!

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Futurgarb is as much about fashion and accessories as it is about culture, art, music and social consciousness. We seek out cool, unique artistic products, many of which are recycled or upcycled from independent designers. Our stylish products include: sunglasses and hats (Fedoras, cadets, Sun Hats, Newsboys), graphical tees, wallets, back packs, bags, id cases, scarves, and more.

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Souldier handmakes strong, functional, and beautiful goods in the USA using recycled seatbelt, salvaged items, and vintage materials. We make being green, rock! We also have vegan versions of our popular eco-friendly products. Items include guitar straps, camera strap, belts, bags, clothing, jewelry, and other complimentary fair trade goods. Every year we come out with different choices and new products so you can set new trends.

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Teysha is a social enterprise dedicated to preserving and celebrating cultural art forms by blending heritage traditions with modern functionality and quality. Each item is handcrafted and helps create opportunities for artisan empowerment throughout Guatemala, Colombia, Panama, and Mexico. Our goods are vibrant, unique, and meant to celebrate the diversity and spirit of our world.

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Thread Away

Thread Away is known for its expert henna design and threading, an ancient beauty treatment common in Indian & Asian cultures for removing hair around the eyebrows and face. Serving 12,000+ clients downtown Chicago, it is renowned for its pleasing and soothing environment, the staff are highly trained artisans and licensed cosmetologists. With two locations currently running, and two opening in 2016, these downtown Chicago beauty destinations are built with an ethnic ambiance to give personalized attention to all customers. At Lollapalooza, we will be providing temporary tattoo application and Indian henna art design (similar to temp tattoos).

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William K. Stidham - HEART

William K. Stidham is an internationally acclaimed painter of Rock and Roll. His Sacred HEART Series is a collection of iconic people who have shifted the planet with their gifts, passion, and talent. HEART ENERGY. His strength is capturing the spirit, the essence of the people who move our lives through music. His artwork is affordable in all price categories. He wants to remind you to share your HEART and gifts.

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