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More Friday Highlights!

We can’t believe it’s already Sunday.  It’s like they say: time flies when you’re having fun.  If you’re like us and don’t want to let go just yet, take a walk down memory lane with this video we put together of Friday’s high points.

As of: 8/9/2009

Favorite Videos

Seems Like Only Yesterday…

LP33.tv has posted an awesome video wrap-up from Friday’s events, combining interviews with Perry Farrell, White Lies, Ben Folds, and a look at after party action in the Windy City!

As of: 8/8/2009

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Saturday Morning Recap – Lolla In Full Swing

Yesterday’s festival yielded many epic performances for the history books of this storied festival.  One of the first acts of the day, Yuto Miyazawa, a 9-year-old guitar prodigy from Japan had bloggers’ tongues wagging, attracting a considerable audience for his sprightly guitar heroics at Kidzapalooza.  Perry’s Stage, our home for DJ and electronica, stayed upbeat […]

As of: 7/24/2015

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The Prodigy

We have seen the future of rock and roll, and it is Quinn Sullivan. Put a guitar in this 10 year old’s hands, and magic happens. Just ask Buddy Guy. Check out this great clip on the Quinn’s journey that brings him to his first Lollapalooza. He’ll be playing the Kidapalooza stage on Saturday at […]

As of: 7/20/2009

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On The Streets With Bon Iver

Bon Iver’s album For Emma, Forever Ago feels like it’s from another time. That’s why this clip of Justin and some friends walking around Paris feels so right. Absolutely amazing!  Buy your Lollapalooza tickets to see Bon Iver and so much more NOW! Don’t forget to check Bon Iver out on the Playstation stage at 3 […]

As of: 7/7/2009

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Lolla Hearts Lykke Li

You wanna hear an absolutely beautiful song? Check out this Lykke Li one-take version of “Tonight”. Her voice soars over the haunting lyrics. She’ll be on the Citi stage at 6:30 on Saturday. Don’t miss the chance to hear her in person.  Buy tickets NOW! Learn more about Lykee Li HERE.

As of: 7/6/2009

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Decemberists Leave Us “Wanting” More

Man, it’s been a great week for Lollapalooza bands on late night TV. Last night it was Jay Leno’s turn as he welcomed the Decemberists. They cranked out the epic “The Wanting Comes In Waves”. The slow build of the song worked well and the all-out rock star ending has us excited to see this […]

As of: 5/15/2009

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Killers Rock Late Night

The Killers showed up with an entire string section last night to Dave Letterman and did not disappoint as they took “A Dustland Fairytale” to new epic heights. It’s clear Brandon, Mark, Dave and Ronnie have taken a big step up and are ready to rock Grant Park in August.  Check out more Killers information […]

As of: 5/12/2009

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Animal Collective Kill On Letterman

Last week, Animial collective brought the noise and some crazy pillow people interperative dancers to Late Night With Dave Letterman.  You know it rocked since Dave is left utterly confused at the end. To lean more and listen to select tracks from Animal Collective, check out their Lollapalooza page.

As of: 5/11/2009