Wristband Registration & Lolla Cashless

In 2014, it’s mandatory to register your wristband for Lollapalooza. Wristband registration ensures a smooth process when entering the festival each day and makes sure that your investment remains yours.

And would you like one less thing to keep track of at Lolla? This year we’re adding a new (read: easy) way for you to pay for goods, grub, merch and more on site at the Festival.

It’s called Lolla Cashless and it’s about to rock your weekend. With the tap of a wrist you can grab a drink or score some eats. So how exactly can you hop on board the Lolla Cashless train? Read below for the nitty gritty details.

You can register your wristband today and add the ability to join Lolla Cashless in the process.

  • Whether you choose to join the Lolla Cashless party or not, you will definitely want to register your 2014 wristband. Equipped with RFID technology, each wristband will be personalized to YOU! But only after you register your wristband!

    Taking this simple action will secure your investment and make sure the unique ID associated with your wristband is tied to the right person. In the event you encounter any issues as you enter or exit the festival grounds, registered passholders will receive quicker assistance.