Lolla Cashless:
All You Need To Know

Want one less thing to keep track of at Lolla? This year we’re adding a new (read: easy) way for you to pay for goods, grub, merch and more on site at the Festival.

That’s right. It’s called Lolla Cashless and it’s about to rock your weekend. With the tap of a wrist you can grab a drink or score some eats. So how exactly can you hop on board the Lolla Cashless train? Read below for the nitty gritty details.

  • What are the Lolla Cashless benefits?

    Save time! Easy to use! Accepted at all bars, food vendors & merch stores! Tap and go!

    How does Lolla Cashless work?

    It’s easy! You just need to take three simple steps:

    1. Register your festival pass with the unique ID located on the wristband during which time you will also have the option to link your credit card to your wristband and set a required PIN for security. Now you’re registered for Cashless too!
    2. Next, order at any bar location and select vendors, and let them know you are paying with your wristband.
    3. Then tap your wristband, add a tip amount, enter your PIN, and go!

    Is it secure?

    Yes! It works in conjunction with your credit card so it carries all the same security features and protection. You will also set a PIN during registration (just like a debit card), so no one else will be able to use your wristband or your Cashless Account without your PIN.

    Is my credit card information stored on my wristband?

    No. We do not actually store any financial data on the wristband. The PIN you choose upon Cashless registration will always be required to make a purchase, however your card number and billing details are not stored on the wristband, so don’t worry about someone snagging your info.

    What happens if my wristband is damaged?

    First, don’t panic. We can help! Bring your damaged wristband to a Ticket Help Tent at the festival (located at the Box Office and entrance/exit gates) and we can replace any registered wristband after verifying your ownership. You will have to re-link your credit card for security purposes. Then you will be back in action!

    Do I have to sign up for Cashless and pay with my wristband in order to register it?

    No. While we certainly think it’s the best payment option, you can register your wristband without enabling the Cashless payment option.

    Are there any additional fees for using my Lolla Cashless wristband?

    Nope! It is free to sign up and free to use!

    Can I link multiple credit or debit cards to my wristband?

    No. You will only be able to link a single credit or debit card to your wristband.

    Can I link the same card to multiple wristbands?

    Yes. If you wish to allow your card to be linked to multiple wristbands, you certainly can. Each wristband will require a separate PIN. The PIN must be entered when using the wristband to purchase anything participating in the Cashless program at the festival.

    Will my wristband run out of money?

    Not unless the card you linked it to does. No funds are stored to the wristband, it’s just linked to your credit or debit card.

    Whether you choose to join the Lolla Cashless party or not, you will definitely want to register your 2014 wristband. Equipped with RFID technology, each wristband will be personalized to YOU! But only after you register your wristband!

    Taking this simple action will secure your investment and make sure the unique ID associated with your wristband is tied to the right person. In the event you encounter any issues as you enter or exit the festival grounds, registered passholders will receive quicker assistance.