Do312 + Dark Matter: Chicago Coffee Spots

In the name of helping you make the most of your Lollapalooza experience, we’ve partnered with local in-the-know outlet Do312 to bring you a series of weekly guides to some of Chicago’s best spots. Last week, ManBQue’s Jesse Valenciana shared his list of go-to grub spots and this week, Dark Matter Coffee’s Kyle Hodges has the scoop on where to find a cup of coffee around town.

Kyle Hodges is the Minister of Propaganda for, Dark Matter Coffee and a Do312 Tastemaker. This former record store owner can handle both his music and caffeine with ease, and his list is that perfect ratio to help you stay energized and enjoy the entire festival.


Star Lounge Coffee Bar

After decades of slinging booze, hookers and blow, Star Lounge switched to a more acceptable narcotic, caffeine. Resurrected in 2007, this two story shop complete with a backyard, is the perfect place to charge up for the day. Serving exclusive single origins from Dark Matter Coffee, intoxicating drinks made with Unicorn’s Blood and probably the greatest legal crack ever sold, Chocolate City, the perfect iced coffee. Expect to see chefs, suits and everyone in-between as you sip your favorite beverage.

Metropolis Coffee Company

For the far Northside folks, this will be the place to fill the cup for a complete recharge. With free wifi and plenty of seated space to enjoy some of the most delectable coffee locally roasted in Chicago. A company made up of industry veterans who know coffee, the perfect cup can be easily obtained. Located near Loyola University, this place can get hopping really quick but any line here is worth the wait, trust me.

Morgan Street Cafe

Home to incredible grub, ranging from veggie and vegan options, including stacks of sweets from local favorites West Town Bakery. If food is just as important as coffee, then this will be the place to swing through. Located in West Loop, just grab the Adams Street bus from the festival.

Bridgeport Coffee

This classic centerpiece of both Chicago Coffee scene imports & local roasts offers some of the best beans around. All three locations offer unique environments to accentuate their great coffee. The original location is housed in an old pharmacy, prescribing the perfect dose to cure whatever ales you. If your other senses need to be awakened, the head over to the location inside the Hyde Park Art Center. I love to hit up the location off of Roosevelt Road, then watch the latest movie at Showplace ICON theaters next door.

Osmium Coffee Bar

The newest brain child from the Dark Matter Coffee crew, this concept bar will feature both an express bar and a sit down portion on refurbished bowling alley tables, a wall mural from notable painter Jason Brammer, backyard and oh, yeah, coffee. Two menus will be available for patrons, an express menu for to-go orders and one for seated customers, featuring only drip or espresso extraction methods. Located three blocks West of the Red Line train.

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