Divergent Soundtrack a Lollapalooza Reunion

Divergent Poster
Big-ups to the Divergent movie music director for a job well done on the film’s soundtrack. This thing features so many Lolla alums, it’s like a freakin’ reunion!

Kendrick Lamar (2013) and Tame Impala (2012) were recently announced as working together on a song slated to round out a laundry list of insanely cool artists set to contribute to the film’s soundtrack.

Pitchfork was one of the first to break the story about the Tame Impala and Kendrick Lamar connection, which was totes icing on the cake, especially when one considers the already crazy list of superstars taking their talents to the recording studio for the compilation.

Knowing how amazingly good Kendrick’s cross-genre collaborations turn out, we’re most definitely getting the soundtrack, due out March 11th, and so should you. (Film is out March 21st). Intrigued? Check out the trailer below.

And because, who doesn’t love a good infographic, we’ve created a handy chart to demonstrate just how big of a footprint Lolla alums will have on this soundtrack. We’re not kidding. Here’s the list: Chance the Rapper (2013), Zedd (2012), Snow Patrol (2007), Ellie Goulding (2011,2013), M83 (2005, 2012), Skrillex (2011) and Pretty Lights (2011).

DivergentSoundtrack Analysis