Behind the Scenes with The Temper Trap

In advance of their set at this year’s Lollapalooza, The Temper Trap gave us a behind the scenes look at their London studio. Not only that, we caught up with Dougy Mandagi to get the dish on the inspiration behind their upcoming album!

We’ve heard that the new tracks are “taking a new direction” – can you tell us a little about the shift and what it was inspired by?

We’ve gone back to the debut record and used elements that we thought worked really well and became our strong point. There are also more upbeat songs – and more guitars – than the last record. We’ve gone through a lot since our second record. We lost a member, built our own studio, had babies, collaborated with different people, etc. Apart from the obviously new and old music that we’re constantly surrounded by, all of these other things have influenced us both directly and indirectly.

Who are you most excited to see at Lolla?

Lucius and Jaguar Ma. Both have put out my favorite records of 2014. Actually I think Jagwar may have gotten theirs in right at the end of 2013, maybe not. Anyway, they’re both amazing! I’ve seen Lucius live in a tiny club in London, and it was nothing short of a religious experience. And Jagwar, I mean, we’re Aussies and we’re always proud of other Aussies making kick ass music