The Lexicon of Sustainability



The Lexicon of Sustainability™ is based on a simple premise: to engage, inspire and promote principles of sustainability. The Lexicon uses information artwork, short films, street art, educational curriculum and the new book, Local: The New Face of Food and Farming in America, to bring awareness to the terms and principles that will define the next economy. Want to get more involved? Here are some ways to engage with the Lexicon projects in your community:

1.) Become a pop-up show curator. The Lexicon of Sustainability™ invites community leaders, students, farmers, activists, gardeners, cooks … anyone to host a pop-up show in their community, spurring dialog about how individuals and communities can work together to strengthen local food systems. Each new curator will host shows that involve their local communities, and then act as a “lending library” so that other schools and community groups can use their show for their own initiatives. Curators are encouraged to get their local restaurants, markets, and festivals involved in the shows. By becoming a Lexicon curator, you can bring change to your own backyard. Curators have the power to transform their community into an “idea incubator,” a localized think tank that generates dynamic coalitions able to make a difference in shaping the community’s relationship with its food, farmers, and local environment. And because these works will be donated to your community once the shows have run their course, the messages will retain their significance and continue to inspire local audiences for years to come. Apply to be a curator.

2.) Nominate a teacher for Project Localize. PROJECT LOCALIZE is a food literacy initiative that gives high school students the tools to discover and document the sustainable practices which define their local food system. Teachers are provided with a free toolkit, including study guides, visual resources, and instructional art tutorials, which enables the exploration of local, sustainable food systems through the creation of powerful information artworks. The materials are designed to assist the teacher in leading the classroom in a cross-discipline method using language arts, visual arts, and environmental science. The final collection of artwork from participating schools will be shared far and wide. The collection will showcase the sustainable solutions of agriculturally diverse regions across America. The Lexicon of Sustainability™ is looking for exemplary teachers and schools to participate in PROJECT LOCALIZE. Selected schools will receive the program at no cost and each participating teacher will have the chance to win the Lexicon of Sustainability Excellence in Education prize in 2014. By reaching students from a variety of agriculturally diverse communities—urban and rural— together we can spread these positive concepts across America, creating a new generation of sustainability literate citizens who will become our future leaders. NOMINATE A TEACHER today. Nominate a teacher.

3.) Paint and share your own street art. The Lexicon of Sustainability™ is excited to present a new way to participate in the movement. Inspired by street artists, the Lexicon has converted our popular information artwork into posters for anyone and everyone to paint and share with their community. Host a painting party with these posters in your classroom, or at your house and invite the neighbors over! This is a great way to spur conversation within a classroom or group setting. Download posters.