Syd Rocks



Syd Rocks funds medical research for Langerhan’s Cell Histiocytosis (LCH) and related pediatric cancer and blood diseases. It was founded by Sydney Martin, who was diagnosed with LCH as a 10 year old. Fortunately Syd has been doing well since she stopped treatment in 2008, but many other children don't respond as well to treatment. Since LCH receives very little government funding, Syd Rocks is a crucial contributor to this cause. The cornerstone of the fundraising is the sale of the very cool Syd Rocks necklaces; Syd’s friends, family, and supporters have made and sold over 6000 Syd Rocks necklaces, and at Lollapalooza, if you make a small donation to Syd Rocks, you can have a pre-made necklace or you can pick the rock of your choice and make your own.