Gyro Cafe



Gyro Cafe is excited to bring hot, fresh, and delicious gyros to Lollapalooza 2014! Gyro Cafe is the newest branch of our hit-the-spot festival concessions. With 10 years of experience in the industry, we strive to bring exciting food trends, fresh ingredients, and delicious food to every event. Our experienced culinary team has traveled the country cooking and tasting local favorites and adding our own unique twist! Formally operating as Olde Town Smokehouse and Fajita Rita's, we strive to change up our menu, keep our options unique and in line with current taste. We have been meeting the needs of musicians and festival goers since 2009. Gyro Cafe's goal is to provide delicious Greek gyro's with fresh, local ingredients. Our selection includes our famous gyro's available with beef, chicken, or vegetarian. We will also be serving up hummus and seasoned Greek fries.