There is something alluring about Oyinda, the 22-year-old singer, songwriter, producer, and Berklee College of Music alumna. Depicted as a whirlwind of hair on her debut EP cover "with hands beckoning you to come closer" the London raised Nigerian songstress has a unique sense of cinematic storytelling that envelops you with its energy. Bringing together sounds from the British electronic scene and fusing them with her love of pop, Oyinda recorded a self-released, three-song EP in August 2013, titled Before the Fall. The record is emotionally intricate, containing so much modernity and sophistication. "It presents the artist's own vision of pop and that means very deep, subtle music with hypnotizing vocals" wrote Other Side of Music (within 24hours of the release), and many music blogs followed suit.

After unveiling her live personae earlier this year Oyinda's presence does nothing to detract from her captivating demeanor. From the way she scans the crowd with a seductive stare to the way she effortlessly sings, Oyinda translates her studio sound into a gripping live performance. "Her voice is smooth and sexy‚ kind of Jessie Ware-esque," said Kyle Reinford (celebrated music photographer seen on FADER, NPR, and Billboard). This is contemporary pop with an intuitive nature, one that can sound soulful too. As for Oyinda herself, she is becoming one of the unexpected success stories of independent artists.