Crass Mammoth





Crass Mammoth is The Crowe brothers, Joseph (vocals, guitar, drums) and Matthew (bass, drums) who comprise the band's core, with lifelong friend Trey Epperson III ebbing in and out of the drum seat as the trio works to bring the songs in their heads to reality.

Growing up in their North Georgia town - one with no record store - the brothers were left to discover music on their own and via their parents. So it was mom quizzing them on her cassettes -- Beatles, Van Morrison, Allman Brothers -- while dad with his Toadies, STP and Alice In Chains formed their world. Then came Kazaa and Limewire to flood their consciousness with the sounds of Kyuss, Tool, Millionaire, Radiohead. When older brother Matthew left to go Athens, Joseph lost someone to play music with and so turned to writing. A new floodgate opened and Crass Mammoth is the result.

Crass Mammoth is a rock band; guitar driven rock in a world that these days often seems to be steered from such. But the band is not part of a scene or a movement for there is no scene or movement in North Georgia. Crass Mammoth is following nobody's rules but their own - writing music that meets at the intersection of intensely personal while at the same time universal. Kids with guitars and drums trying to get the sounds in their brains to match the sounds in the air - that will never go out of style.