Tread Lightly: Lolla’s New Offset Program

Lolla_2013_tread lightly_park shot 675

Over the past six years, Lollapalooza has worked with Green Mountain Energy to track and offset the Festival’s carbon footprint. By offsetting the carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions created by the event’s generators, staff travel, artist travel, and festival vehicles—along with offering event goers the opportunity to offset their event travel—we’ve offset approximately 14.2 million lbs of greenhouse gas emissions, as much as taking over 1,300 cars off the road for one year!

In addition to offsetting the electricity Lollapalooza does use, we’ll be using bio-diesel as the primary fuel for all generators at the Festival, directly reducing Lollapalooza’s carbon footprint.

So how can YOU tread lightly? Purchase a $3 carbon offset with your ticket!

By choosing to tread lightly to Lollapalooza, you balance out 220 pounds of emissions associated with travel to the festival. That’s like not driving a car 245 miles, or as much carbon dioxide as 20 young trees can absorb in one year. This is your ticket to give back to Lollapalooza’s home state.

All offsets purchased from Lollapalooza 2013 will benefit the Indian Creek Landfill Gas Project in Hopedale, Illinois, just outside Peoria. The landfill has special equipment that captures naturally occurring landfill gas, which contains methane (a harmful greenhouse gas with over 20 times the potency of carbon dioxide), and destroys it through a combustion process. The project is third-party certified by the Climate Action Reserve, which means the offsets are real, permanent, and beyond what’s required by law or would have occurred otherwise.