Songs of the Summer – Week 4

We know… we want to go back to the fest too! Check out the next best thing by listening to our ultimate Lolla playlist!

Week 1

1. The Cure: “Friday I’m In Love”
2. Family of the Year: “St. Croix”
3. Disclosure: “When A Fire Starts to Burn”
4. Chance The Rapper: “Chain Smoker”

Week 2

5. The National: “Graceless”
6. HAIM: “Forever”
7. San Cisco: “Awkward”
8. Nine Inch Nails: “Came Back Haunted”

Week 3

9. The Mowgli’s: “Carry Your Will”
10. Local Natives: “Breakers”
11. Major Lazer: “Bubble Butt”
12. The Postal Service: “Tattered Line of String”
13. Dillon Francis: “Masta Blasta”

Week 4

14. Little Green Cars: “Harper Lee”
15. MS MR: “Think of You”
16. Jessie Ware: “Wildest Moments”
17. Vampire Weekend: “Diane Young”