The Not It’s

The Not It's




We are The Not-Its! - America's best dressed and most rockin' kindie band! We give kids their very first, epic rock show experience. Our high-energy performances make the ENTIRE family want to dance along with us and jump up and down. We have created a movement - a family connection that brings out the kid power in all of us.... The Not-Its! Nation!!

Our contagious sound is unique in the realm of kids' music: crunchy, rockin' guitars combined with smooth, four-part harmonies. It's all nestled within perfectly crafted pop gems that just happen to be about every-day kid stuff (space travel, temper tantrums & the first day of school). We love that we are able to satisfy our indie rock hunger while achieving a positive & inspiring thing to do with the whole family!

We are Sarah Shannon (former singer of 90's Sub Pop band Velocity Girl), Danny Adamson (rhythm guitar), Tom Baisden (lead guitar), Jennie Helman (bass player) and Michael Welke (former drummer of Harvey Danger). As parents, we add 10 children amongst us to the crowd, ranging from ages 2 through 9. Since 2008 we have been poised to keep our families and yours dancing along at our live shows as well as to our recorded albums, and with our much anticipated fourth album, "KidQuake!", it is clear we have no intention of slowing down!!

"It's extremely fun to play music that resembles what we used to play and listen to in our twenties, but with kid- friendly lyrics. And it's great to not be playing at a bar until 2am!" says Sarah.

Time Out New York Kids say The Not-Its! are "a kindie music equivalent to a summer movie blockbuster!"

"Their debut CD makes me want to pull over to the side of the playground, open the hatchback and turn up the volume as high as it'll go to share the music with the masses of kids. Yes, it's that good" proclaim Cool Mom Picks.

So grab your pink & black tutus and skinny ties and join The Not-Its! Nation! A "KidQuake!" is coming to a city near you. We are ready to rock, are you?