Lolla Saturday 2012

As the second day of Lollapalooza comes to an end, the following is a brief recap of today’s weather-related evacuation: Lollapalooza organizers working with Chicago city officials made the decision to evacuate Grant Park at 3:30pm in response to warnings from the National Weather Service and from five on site weather monitors that a dangerous storm was approaching. As a part of the festival’s weather plan, organizers notified festival-goers through a range of channels, including: • Public service announcements made at each of the festival’s eight stages • Messages on jumbo-trons • Text message pushed to more than 40,000 subscribers of Lollapalooza’s official app, including directions to Michigan Avenue and garage locations for festival-goers not familiar with local streets • Announcements made on Lollapalooza’s official website, Facebook page and Twitter account • Announcements made by bands performing at the time In all, more than 60,000 festival-goers and nearly 3,000 staff, artists and vendors were safely evacuated in 38 minutes. Organizers worked with the Chicago Office of Emergency Management and Communications to closely monitor the storm and reopened gates at 6:00 pm when weather conditions proved safe for people to return. “We want to thank the tens of thousands of festival goers, staff, and artists who calmly and safely exited from Grant Park today,” said Charlie Jones, partner of C3 Presents, the promoter for Lollapalooza. “We applaud and thank the City of Chicago for their cooperation and commitment to making Lolla a safe and enjoyable experience for all. We look forward to seeing everyone tomorrow for one more day of rock.”