The Official Lolla 2012 Posters

This year, we’re offering two awesome poster designs by accomplished artists. We have one from internationally acclaimed and emerging street art star, ROA, and one from the talented Chicago-based team of designers at Delicious Design League. We commissioned ROA to put his distinct spin on a Lolla 2012 Commemorative Poster as a way of continuing the tradition we set last year of tapping creative minds outside the usual realm of music poster design. Renowned for his large-scale, hand-painted wildlife images, the Belgian artist travels the world, transforming derelict buildings, walls and urban debris into works of art with his arresting and bold images. With Grant Park as the central heart of the animal, ROA’s Lollapalooza 2012 poster design plays with the intersection of two of Chicago’s main icons – the bear image and the CTA map. This poster is available in three editions, including the highly collectible Signed & Numbered Edition that is screen-printed, hand-numbered and hand-signed by both ROA and Perry Farrell. For our other poster, we tapped some Chicago friends at Delicious Design League to create an image that explored Lollapalooza’s nostalgic circus-freak theme in the form of a modern-day strong man. It perfectly ties together all of the digital and creative elements that Lolla fans have come to know and love, giving you the opportunity to take a piece of the Festival with you when you leave. Although both different, each design represents the best of this year’s Lolla — but you better hurry these usually go fast! All posters are available for pre-order now from the web store.