Snap & Share: Postcard on the Run

With the Festival rapidly approaching, chances are you’ve made it clear to all those around you that you’ll be soaking up the sun and sounds in Chicago’s Grant Park all weekend — not that you’re boasting or anything. And, considering the fact that the Festival has been sold out for months, it might be tough for your friends without a ticket to snag one at this point. BUT not all hope is lost, and there’s still a way to share Lolla moments with your out-of-luck posse. Apart from being jam-packed with useful information, tips and tricks to plan your ultimate Festival weekend, the Official Lollapalooza Mobile App‘s new Postcard On The Run feature lets you send customized digital cards to your friends back home. The first TWO are FREE while supplies last! Sure, it’s not the same as battling the crowds together — but it’s the thought that counts!