Looking Back With Lolla Remix 2012 Throwdown Winners

Young German House Music duo, Young Bloods, took the winning title at our LIVE Lolla Remix Throwdown. Founded by Sebastian Theissen and Tino Hannes in early 2012, Young Bloods is quickly gaining momentum in their native Germany and here in the U.S. — a fact that was evidenced by the energetic crowd at their Lollapalooza set. The two friends first met as toddlers in Euskirchen (near Cologne), and it wasn’t until they were 14 that they discovered their shared passion for producing and DJing Electronic Dance Music. So how did they come up with their name? Well, “Young Bloods” stands for young (read: new generation), talented and creative. We caught up with these excited new artists to hear a little more about their Remix experience and their EDM philosophy. What was it like to perform at Lolla 2012 in front of a big crowd of EDM-loving fans ready to kick off their weekend? It was really indescribable to perform at this amazing Festival and this year’s huge Perry’s Stage. There aren’t words to describe it — you had to see it with your own eyes! The crowd was unbelievable. First we thought there were maybe 1000 people in the front of the stage, but by the end of our set there were nearly 4000 or 5000 crazy people in front of us raging hard to the tracks we played. And you have to keep in mind that we were only the opening slot on Friday!! We’d love to play this great festival again, but maybe later in the day. And to the crowd — maybe we’ll see you guys at Lollapalooza 2013, you were AMAZING! Thank you very much! How did the crowd like your new track? We think they loved it, because nobody was standing still when we played it! Everybody was dancing, raging and cheering after our set. And it’s also a confirmation for us that we found a video of it a few days later on YouTube. It really makes us proud. So keep your eyes open, it might be on Beatport or somewhere else soon, but we have to find an appropriate and good label for the track first. What’s the one thing you focus on during your sets – what keeps you going? First of all our own taste of music. We only play what we really like ourselves! And if we put our favorite songs of the moment together, there is a new set arising. For example if there are a bunch of songs that we love, we put them together in a tracklist. But the next step is to look which one you could play before or after another one. They really have to fit, melody-wise, with the songs before and after. If they don’t do that, we search for another one that maybe works better. And if there isn’t one that’s fitting perfectly with the other ones at the moment, we will add in some “old“ stuff we love. Meanwhile we’re always in search of new amazing tracks to play in our sets. That’s all! Who are your ultimate EDM idols? If you had the chance to do a live set with any of them, who would it be and why? There are a lot of amazing artists we get inspired by at the moment. For example the Swedish guys like Sebastian Ingrosso, Axwell or Alesso. We are really big fans of them, because they always hit our taste of music perfectly and they are really talented. But also the Australian guys like Tommy Trash or Dirty South are two of our favorite producers and DJs at the moment. They always deliver quality dance music — we really love the stuff they’re doing! But that’s not all. There are a lot of Russian producers we like, too. For example Arty, Matisse & Sadko, Hard Rock Sofa or Swanky Tunes. And last but not least the amazing artists from Germany called Thomas Gold and Deniz Koyu. They are delivering really good music at the moment and we love them. But not only because they’re coming from our homecountry, rather because of the tracks and remixes they’ve made in the past. For example Deniz’s mix to Zedd’s “Spectrum” or Thomas’s amazing remix to “The Wave” of the great Swedish band Miike Snow. Currently it’s the Swedish House Mafia. But they will split up in a few months so it would be a dream to play with all three of them together. But if in fact they still play individually as Axwell, Steve Angello or Seb Ingrosso in the future, it’s definitely Axwell. Sometimes we think we have the same taste as he does. We’ll listen to a track somewhere and say “This one is great, we’ll support it in the future.” And maybe one month after we hear it, it’s in one of Axwell’s sets. We really love that guy. He’s cool, funny and he makes and plays very good music. Ax, if you read this, please make this dream to meet up with us true! Describe your music style in 3 words or less… Everytime it’s different. You guys are young but quickly developing a following, what do you see as EDM’s future? We think the Electronic Dance Music scene will never stop growing because people everywhere in the world always want to party hard. And in our opinion the music plays a big role at a party! It doesn’t matter if it’s a house party with 20 people sitting in one room, drinking, having fun and listening to music or a huge festival with 50,000 people in the crowd raging. With music, people can describe their feelings the best. We think it’s only the beginning, especially in the United States which already has some of the biggest festivals in the world!