Lolla Is On! Doors Are Open, See New Schedule!

Lollapalooza will resume at 6:00 PM following a brief postponement due to dangerous weather conditions and warnings. Festival-goers were evacuated this afternoon from Grant Park and directed by staff and the Chicago Police Department to pre-established underground evacuation and shelter sites along Michigan Avenue. Organizers working with the Chicago Office of Emergency Management and Communications have been monitoring the storm and determined weather conditions are safe for people to return and Lollapalooza to resume. Today’s updated schedule of performances can be found at Lollapalooza’s official website. “We want to thank the tens of thousands of festival goers, staff, and artists who calmly and safely exited from Grant Park today,” said Charlie Jones, partner of C3 Presents, the promoter for Lollapalooza. “We also applaud and thank the City of Chicago for their cooperation and commitment to making Lolla a safe and enjoyable experience for all. Once again Chicago has come through and we’re proud to call the city our partner.”