Lolla 2010 Day Three Recap

Lolla started with a bang this year, but definitely didn’t end with a whimper. Even with a little wetness from morning rain, Sunday delivered on the promise of great music and surprising scenes. It comes as no surprise that the simultaneous one-two punch of headliners Arcade Fire and Soundgarden provided enough electricity to light up the Chicago skyline all by themselves. The Montreal Indie-rockers charged through a set that could best be described as a religious experience, while Chris Cornell’s Grunge reunion happening on the other big stage couldn’t have asked for a more excited crowd. Earlier in the day, there were more than a few raised eyebrows when Neko Case took the stage with The Dodos, while MGMT showed off a bigger, more mature live set that gave fans exactly what they wanted and more. Over at Perry’s Felix da Housecat and Flosstradamus made sure that the crowd stayed moving. And we’ll never forget X Japan, earning an audience full of new fans in their first American performance. Top it off with an afternoon anchored down by engaging sets by The National and Erykah Badu. Best Lolla ever? Until next year, perhaps.
  • Check out this full rundown of the weekend from Chicago Tribune‘s music critic, Greg Kot who hopped around to his fair share of acts.
  • Billboard‘s got their take on Arcade Fire vs. Soundgarden. Sounds like everyone was a winner at the end of the night.
  • Wow. MTV really liked Arcade Fire. Kudos to shout-outs for Lolla’s eclectic lineup, something we pride ourselves on.