Discover Peanut Butter Wolf

All the way up to August 6-8, we will be featuring reviews and previews for artists playing Lollapalooza 2010. Not only that, we’ve enlisted Lolla-loving blogs, many which you guys picked out yourself, to help us out. Today’s feature on Peanut Butter Wolf comes from

To many musicmakers, Peanut Butter Wolf’s career is the stuff of dreams. What began as the typical story of young friends falling for hip-hop would lead to an illustrious role as a beat producer and eventually find its apex; the formation and operation of the eclectic label Stones Throw. Chris Manak (Peanut Butter Wolf) has spent decades fine tuning his own talents and with focus and an astute ear, he searches out the best and brightest for inclusion on his imprint’s roster. Peanut Butter Wolf the musician first came to rise in the early ’90s by way of his work with emcee partner Charizma. At the time, they were still teenagers, a testament to the talent he held within. The pair’s relationship spread their names in print, allowed them to tour the world and cemented the duo as talents to watch. When Charizma passed suddenly in 1993, it was tragic loss for Manak but an event that would come to fuel much of his future success. After a hiatus, Manak returned to music with Peanut Butter Breaks, a 1994 instrumental LP that put his solo name on the radar of the very same producers he’d long admired. His signature style reflects the eyes and ears of a vinyl collector, collages of dusty samples, original beats and vocal clips across familiar genres are combined with savvy and a flawless hand. His live and DJ sets are amongst the most entertaining out there, transporting you to a space where sounds of the past, present and future merge. Watching Manak man the decks is as entertaining as a live band. He moves with quick, calculated actions, flipping a barrage of knobs that control not only his sound, but live video that moves in time to the music.

If you’re not yet familiar with the Stones Throw label, founded in 1996 and launched off a posthumous single from Charizma, catching Peanut Butter Wolf at Lollapalooza will give you all the aural context necessary to become an instant fan. From J Dilla to Madlib, DOOM and new arrivals Dam-Funk and Mayer Hawthorne, expect Peanut Butter Wolf to showcase the sound of Stones Throw alongside his own production talent and DJ skills on Friday, August 6. Written by Veronica Murtagh