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All the way up to August 6-8, we will be featuring reviews and previews for artists playing Lollapalooza 2010. Today’s feature is on Lance Herbstrong, performing at Perry’s Saturday @ 11:15AM. It’s always a little sweeter when it’s one of your own. Like when the friend from high school becomes a professional athlete, or the girl you’ve know since diapers wins The Amazing Race. Such is the case with Lance Herbstrong. One of the two founding members, Kamal Soliman, has worked for C3 Presents for the last 6 years, and with Perry Farrell on both Jane’s Addiction and the Lollapalooza tour. Currently, Kamal is Artist Relations Director for C3 festivals, acting as every band’s go-to guy for their every request (I wonder what’s on his dressing room rider?). Outside of his roll in the festivals, Kamal tour manages Thievery Corporation. The other half of Lance Hersbstrong is fellow Austinite, Bill Sarver. Bill has been producing electronic music since he was 16. His programming appears on notable early metal industrial acts such as 16volt, Scum of the Earth(Members of Rob Zombie and Prong), Soak(Interscope) and Bronx Casket Company(Members of Overkill). His recent project OHN produced three well reviewed downtempo albums and he performs special solo DJ appearances from LA to Greece. Lance Herbstrong came into existence two years ago when Manu Chao released his fourth album Radiolina, and opened up the track Politikills to be remixed. Knowing his friend Manu loves the Clash, Kamal decided they needed to do a Manu/Clash mash-up, and that Bill Sarver was the man that could make it happen. The result was Politikills (Clash of Power Mix), a combination of the original Politikills track, with The Clash’s Mustapha Dance, an instrumental of their iconic song Rock the Casbah. It wasn’t until a year later, at the end of a Thievery tour, that the duo decided they needed to work together again. This time they mixed a Thievery track with another Manu Chao song. The result was an amazingly sensual mix dubbed as Manu Destino, that works beautifully on a lyrical level, mixing Manu’s spanish lyrics from Mi Vida, with Thievery’s portuguese, on Meu Destino. Thievery was so pleased with the mix they passed it on to label mate Federico Aubele, who commissioned the duo to remix a song from his new album Amatoria. Properly Chilled had this to say about the remix when the EP came out: “In its original form, “Luna Y Sol” is a slowly drifting, very islands inspired, Latin-Caribbean lullaby. Lance Herbstrong [‘s remix] brings in some heavy, triphop-like breakbeats and layers synth pads, and a healthy portion of dub production effects that pretty much obliterate the Latin-Carribean lullaby sound of the original. It’s a song for that moment in a movie where the music is underscoring that epic, hopeful moment when the hero, or heroine, has decided to take control of the situation and the director is delivering a montage of scenes wherein our lead character is hard at work preparing to make a change. You know you want that moment too.” Federico Aubele confirmed, “It’s one of the best remixes anyone has ever done of my songs.” “After Luna y Sol was released, we had to come up with a name for ourselves, but I’ll save the Lance Herbstong backstory for another time,” muses Kamal. On the strength of Luna y Sol and Manu Destino, ESL Records commissioned 2 more remixes. In between work on the commissioned tracks, Lance Herbstrong were also finalizing a remix of the timeless classic by Canned Heat, On the Road Again. Right click and save the download below…

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Lance Herbstrong opens Perry’s stage on Saturday morning from 1115 AM to Noon. Joining Lance Herbstrong are Frank Orrall from Poi Dog Pondering and Thievery Corporation and Ricky Gonzales from The Thickness and Chicago Afrobeat Project. Anyone there early enough to catch the performance will be treated with a special guest appearance, as the band plans to open the day with Porno for Pyros’ song Orgasm. Recently remixed (and unveiled at Lollapalooza) original Porno for Pyros guitarist Peter DiStefano will be joining them onstage to play live on the song he helped co-write with Perry Farrell. You know Perry, he’s the reason we’re all here at this epic festival. If you’re in the park early dont be surprised by the lack of working staff. You’ll likely find them at Perry’s stage dancing to one of their own.