Sunday Morning Recap – Fun In the Lolla Sun

No shortage of great coverage this morning from Lollapalooza’s Saturday showing.  Delta Spirit impressed a lot of people with their early set.  They were so at ease that halfway through their songs, lead singer Mike Vasquez rang his brother up so the crowd could congratulate him on his wedding day.  Nice guys.   The late Beatle George Harrison’s son Dhani also played early with his new group Thenewno2, showing that talent runs in the family.  Having played smaller stages at past Lollas, Los Campesinos! quickly acclimated to a bigger one, giving their many members room to stretch out and kick their energetic indie into high gear, in another much talked-about Saturday set. Over at the Citi stage, Chairlift took control of their catchy, upbeat repertoire to crowds ready to dance.  Speaking of dancing, Atmosphere rocked so hard, they made journalists in the MTV tent green with envy that they weren’t at the show!  Maybe next year, guys.

Suffice it to say, the afternoon was packed with extraordinary performances: Glasvegas touted their peppy shoegaze, Rise Against took no prisoners, and Ida Maria threw modesty out the window, revving the crowd with her hilariously racy song intros.  The show-must-go-on award of the day, surely goes to No Age guitarist Randy Randall, who didn’t let a dislocated shoulder prevent him from giving fans what they came to see.  From all acounts, Santigold and Lykke Li stole the show (and, likely, a few hearts), giving admiring crowds exactly what they came to see from the two talented modern-day divas.  Animal Collective kept things experimental while, at the other end of the park, Ben Harper and Relentless 7 cherry-picked the singer’s deep catalog for an ear-pleasing set in the cool of the evening.

Karen O and the Yeah Yeah Yeahs stepped up to the task of bringing it all home, sauntering onto stage in a psychedelic Native American headdress, keeping the zealous audience in a trance through tracks from their albums It’s Blitz and Show Your BonesTool owned, and there’s no other way to put it.  The brooding prog-metal pioneers shredded through all their finest cuts for a fanatical crowd, channeling all the collective energy left at the park into a meticulously controlled explosion that washed over the thousands gathered there.  Going off what we’ve seen so far, Sunday is looking good.

Yeah Yeah Yeahs acoustic version of “Maps”
Lykke Li in the middle of a stunning set
Tool play “Stinkfist”