Don’t Sweat Your Schedule!

We do our best to space out the talent at Lollapalooza, but with over 130 acts and 8 stages across 3 days, you’re still going to have to make a few tough decisions.  Fortunately, great publications all over the ‘Net have been creating their own schedules, recommending sets the rest of us should be making time for as well.  If you’re still sweating it, here’s a few articles that can help:

  • Chicago Tribune - An impressively diverse list of hour-by-hour suggestions, separated between “must see” and “catch if you can”.  There’s a slideshow, too!
  • Rolling Stone – A list of solid recommendations that won’t do you wrong if you’re looking for the buzzworthy.
  • The Onion/Decider – Staff members sound off on what they’ll be catching at the fest, even if it kills them.
  • Examiner – Feel like sticking to Indie and Rock acts?  This is your list.
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