Friday Lolla Tweets

There’s no shortage of independent coverage coming out of Grant Park on opening day.  Here’s some snaps from intrepid Lolla fans on (and way above) the ground: 21955407-9d09bea2d7c2cc2ee21a53ee691fb441.4a7c98b8-scaled @KimmiB – “Lollapalooza! Its raining but not on our parade!” 21952277 @nickjones82 – “Had a great rainy tour of the Lollapalooza grounds with April… Check out this lobster corndog she scored…” 21950900-5a4562d80ee0d3873890ee01c23a0686.4a7c989e-scaled @chadachi – “Drop by the adidas setup and marker away. We’re next to the Perry’s Stage…” 21950107-f8603d159c349976cec9f55f14d8ddcb.4a7c9880-scaled @kflores – “Aww yea! Last min Lollapalooza hookup w/ my sis Marita”